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Southadka Sri Mahaganapathi Kshetra,


Dakshina Kannada

Kokkada:- 574198

Rail Road : The nearest railway stations are Nettila and Puttur

Bus route : Dharmasthala Subrahmanya Path

Car or rickshaw route : Southadka from Kokkada bus stand

The way to walk : Southadka from Kokkada bus stand

Morning time: 07:15

Afternoon time: 12:15

Evening time: 07:15

Website: Website Not Available


In the past, Ganapathi ordained in the temple built by the rulers of the mountain. From time to time the temple was destroyed and The Govaalas, who were grazing cows under the big tree, began to worship Ganesha and Parivara idols and worship them with flowers. Especially when they came from home, they brought cucumbers and offered it to Ganapati and they ate. All the villagers called Ganesha as a ’SOUTEGANAPA’. In time, the area became known as Sauthadka.


Basic Facilities

Cleanliness, housing, Drinking water, Separate toilets, Bathroom, Room to change clothes, Rest house, Shadow system, Queue line system, Festive action, Dasoha system, Park / Gardening, Public Information Center, Health center, Anna Chhatra, Hall of Ceremony,


Computer, Billing software, Internet, Cc camera, Security Guard, Office staff, Priest, Cleanliness staff,

Pooja Details

1. Aksharabhyasa (50.00) 2. Theerthasnana (30.00) 3. Mahapooja (250.00) 4. Ashtothara Archane (40.00) 5. Avalakki Panchakajjaya (50.00) 6. Kadale Panchakajjaya (50.00) 7. Appa Kajjaya (20.00) 8. Ladu Prasada (20.00) 9. Mangalarati (10.00) 10. Prarthane (100.00) 11. Tirthabhatli (10.00) 12. Swapooja Kanike (100.00) 13. One day rice service (5000.00) 14. Sankashta Archane (550.00) 15. Appa Seve (250.00) 16. Vehicle Worship Bikes (30.00) 17. Vehicle Worship; Larguvahana Puja (40.00) 18. Vehicle Worship; Solid Vehicle Worship (50.00) 19. Shashwatha Pooje (150)

Bank Details

    (1) Bank Name: Syndicate Bank, Account No.: 01682140000012, Address: Kokkada Post, Belthangady, Southern Bank, Branch: Kokkada, IFS Code: SYNB0000168


Very Good

5.0 / 5.0

4% People recommend this place

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