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Durga Parameshwari Devi: Ganapati God: Shastara God: Nagdevaar: Rakteshwari devaru: Brahma God: Chamundi Dhoomavati Daiva

Sri Durgaparameshwari Devi, Kateel.,


Dakshina Kannada

Kateel:- 574148

Rail Road : Mangalore, BC Road, Mulki, Surathkal

Bus route : Mangalore, BC Road, Mulki, Surathkal

Car or rickshaw route : Mangalore, BC Road, Mulki, Surathkal

The way to walk : -

Morning time: 05:30

Afternoon time: 12:30

Evening time: 07:30



The area is named after the Nirajar Sanctuary, with the curse of Jabali Rishi, the daughter of Kamadhenu, flows into the river here. Arunasura, the minister of the Shubhani Nilayam, on the run of the cave, gets a boon from the Brahmas. With the help of Gayatri Mantra, with the help of two-legged, four-legged animals, not to die by any force, the Devilakaki conquers all the worlds and saves it. When all the deities worship God, they pray that she will be slain and direct Arunasu to turn away from Gayatri Mantra. When Arunasura attracts Devi Mohini's form, Arunasura gives her the need to marry her. When he agrees, he goes to the rape. Then Devi annihilates Arunasura with the avatar of the six-legged illusion. The sage is anointed by the sage for the calmness of the furious nature. She is born in the middle of the river (hips) of the Nandini's Katy area. Kati Ela is a Sanskrit name that is locally known as "katilu" in the sense of land in Nandini's terrain. Kateelu Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple is one of the most beautiful temples of the Nandini River.


Basic Facilities

Cleanliness Housing house Drinking water Separate toilets Bathroom Room to change clothes Shadow system Queue line system The custodial action of the fair Dasoha system Garden / Gardening Public Information Center Health Center Ann Chhatra Hall of Ceremony


Computer Billing Software Internet Cc camera Security Guard Office Staff Priest Cleanliness staff

Pooja Details

1. Karthi puje (10.00) 2. Hoovina puje (120.00) 3. Kunkumarachane (30.00) 4. Sahasra Namarchane (60.00) 5. Durga Namaskara (60.00) 6. Panch kajjaya (20.00) 7. Laddu Prasada (20.00) 8. Samooha seve (100.00) 9. Trimmadhura Naiedya (60.00) 10. Panchamruthabhisheka (70.00)

Bank Details

    (1) Bank Name: Vijaya Bank, Account No .: 111401010000020, Address: Kateel, Branch: Kateel, IFS Code: VIJB000114


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    Kateelu Shri Durga Parameshwari temple is one of the most popular temple of Tulunad. It has devotees coming from far off places like Mumbai ( Bombay ).

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